PIXIA Corp. participates in “Adopt-A-Highway” on Fairfax County Parkway

On Saturday we had a group of 9 people come to the first of many PIXIA trash pickup days for our Adopted Highway. Our Highway is from Sugarland Road to Lake Newport on Fairfax County Parkway. Our 9 brave volunteers, Michele Holley(and Spouse), Chris Neam, Heather Fields, Gina Lundy, Rudi Ernst, Pat Ernst, Angela Marinich and Katie Outram took it upon ourselves to watch a safety video, don our orange safety vests, carry our orange trash bags, wear our orange gloves, spray ourselves with bug spray and venture out to clean up a two mile stretch of road. The stretch of road near Heather Way was super clean by the time we were done. We found many interesting items, including but not limited to: bottles, wrappers, bags, construction supplies, car parts and other items.

A special thanks goes out to the volunteers that made this event go so well, and we look forward to seeing more folks in March 2014 when we head out for our next pickup. You too can join in the fun to see what “strange” items you find on the side of the road. Feel free to ask any of our volunteers about the “strangest” item they found….


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